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Gold Rush


This goes back to last year. I was in a creative writing class (which I dropped unfortunately) and I sat down to be alone the first day. The second day rolled around and there was a very interesting guy that got transferred into the class after his economics class got cancelled. I had an empty seat beside me, he took it and now we are here. 

To cut out some unimportant details, we stayed in touch for the past year and a half while I was in Toronto (which it seems like I need to explain some gaps in my life). We caught up at a friends welcome home party and he called me two weeks later asking to sit down for some coffee. The coffee experience was awesome. I love having meetings with people and finding out who people really are. Anyways we sat down for him to basically tell me how he’s “hacking life.” He pointed me toward Mr. Money Mustache’s blog to see how to further my education on not to spend my money on stupid Sh*t basically (his blog lead me to start my own serious blog). Then during the meeting he mentioned that he was dumpster diving once a week for food. 

Now I thought this was disgusting till he showed me the records of food that he collected in one night; it was $350 worth of food!!! I was like, dang that’s a lot of food. So we talked further, he told me how much stores are throwing out food and that its just for the taking. “We have standards” he said, it was weird hearing how someone going through garbage could say that, but he’s saving a lot of money on, not just food, but fresh food. “It has to be in a package and can’t be touching the bottom of the dumpster.” I was fascinated, so I tagged along on his latest trip.

It was such a memorable moment getting out first batch of food, it was egg plant. Jeez, I was surprised how healthy it did look, like they could last a couple more days (the eggplant went to soup eventually). We went into the night, starting at 11:00 pm and it lasted till 2:30 am. We didn’t get much till we went to the “regulars,” the dumpster they go to consistently. I honestly didn’t think we would find much but the pictures will show everything. Fresh baked goods was over flowing in abundance that we only took a fraction of what was there.

I don’t even know how to explain how the experience was but in one word; humbling. I realize that people do this as a living. These guys brought me out just to show me how they save money. But in reality people actually rely on garbage to survive in this world and I had a small glimpse in time where I can say I’ve seen through their eyes, I’ve walked in their shoes.

I did the last jump and it was the stinkiest, man it was bad; but I did it, HUGE mental block removed. Never thought in my life I would ever go into a dumpster to get food, Hahaha! Oh and by the way the first piece of food I ever ate from the dumpster was a Caramilk; untouched, perfectly sealed.Image






Hope you’ve enjoyed this crazy tale…

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To Start Off

So I’ve been intrigued by blogs online and how well someone can reach peoples lives, grow and develop themselves, while getting money; if they are good enough. I have this basic idea of what I should blog about; so about how I’m living my life, how i’ll be stretching my life, and how I’m making an impact on the world. I’ll definitely be talking about God, and if people get offended then don’t read my blog; his grace is much more than enough.

I see myself bringing this renaissance and enlightenment era into a combination while building my build and growing in motivational speaking. It’s weird to describe but as i go along I hope what I’m aiming for will manifest. This is the beta blog, till i get a domain, i’ll be using this; and hopefully I’ll learn how to blog better as I’m telling my story. 

Till next time 😀