Pushed The Rant

Hey Everyone,

This week, and today specifically, has been emotional tough and mentally draining. There has been some family health challenges that I’ve dealt with and have not had time to blog. I would like to continue to blog, and I am shaping in my mind what I really want for this blog. It may be as simple as business, social skills, and personal growth. It’s not a specific niche yet it is want I am interested in. Investing has been my greatest interest lately since the newly discovered Tai Lopez. I recently learned of this man through the Art of Charm podcast and I am taking his advice- such as, a book a day, and being able to apply it to see results immediately . He has a 67 Steps to success (he defines success as Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness) that points people in the right direction in achieving greatness in their life. 

A much bigger post is coming to a screen near you.

Till Next Rant

Alex Bakay

P.S. Tai Lopez’s website is… 



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