Rantimus (Part 4)

Hey Everyone,

This is going to be a shorty; and to be quite frank I’m writing this to stay consistent. Today was a good day, I got some great sales. I came home after work to wash up to head out contacting with Danny (my mentor). We first head to Winners to meet some people there to warm up for 5 or so minutes. I ended up talking to a girl I knew from before high school for about 15 minutes. Then moved on the Best Buy where I approached a brown girl- who I found fairly cute- that ran off to her boyfriend once lines were exchanged… figures. We stopped off at Chapters next and I met a cute Asian girl who worked there, caught her number. And before leaving I got a reconnection with an old prospect in there as well. 

All was good, then something that I have had stir in my heart for a while, going out to British Columbia, came up and we started talking about stuff. Things just got real, like ‘what do I really want?’ like such a basic and cheesy question, but it felt so real. Like I’ve been doing Amway for quite some time, love and I’m still growing in it, but it’s not my main pull right now. I have the opportunity to go to Whistler and I want to take a shot at it. It’s burning inside me so bad now that I would consider just going and figuring things out along the way. I feel like there is a piece of me out there that I need to capture. It’s hidden away in the mountains and deep in the forest. I can’t explain it. The more I type and the more I think, the more mysterious and clear it becomes. This is strange for me because everyone expects me to continue on my path I’m on, “you’re going to be very successful Alex” and “Keep working at it and you’ll get to your goals.” Let me make something clear, I am working at it and I am going to be successful, just on My time with God. But here’s the thing, I feel pull to wonder, so stupid but to just wonder. You can wonder in a direction yet it doesn’t mean you’re lost; your just finding your way. I don’t want goals right now, I don’t want expectations right now. I want to lost myself, that’s where I feel I will find myself. Will I waste my time? Only time will tell. You only live once, and I want my life to be a meaningful one, just not yet. I just want to feel Alive.

I know I said this was going to be a shorty but I realize I had more to say than I thought. I’m going to apply to go out west and I’m going to have a plan B, one that makes me certain that I will go out there. It’s just going to be guts and heart to follow through once I plan everything out; that’s the scary part.


Till Next Rant

Alex Bakay


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