The Third Rant’s the Charm

Hey Everyone!

Essentially today is technically the day where I’ve been on a “roll” for posting. I have been posting for three days now and it is exciting! Let me dive into more of a daily routine for myself. I typically wake up and pick up my Bible first thing in the morning. Yes, I am a christian and I will love to hear you views on religion or against religion. Post a comment on the bottom telling me what you believe to be truth/factual and why you have come to this conclusion! I would love to here what you have to say.

Let me bring this back. I am currently reading 2 Samuel where David is being crowned as King of Israel since the previous king, King Saul, died in battle. After praying I like to read from a practical book; Think and Grow Rich is the book I’m on now. I just finished up the chapter on faith; faith is the substance, when mixed with desire will bring action, thus results. It’s the third time I’m reading it.

I have breakfast afterward then a shower. But today I was studying some attraction stuff, which I’ll talk about in a later post, before going to the gym. Then rushing back home to catch a webinar with Jordan Belfort, thee Wolf on Wall Street. He talked about a wide range of topics to prepare for his seminary coming up this weekend in the UK. Mr. Belfort is an amazing salesman and an incredible presenter, I would love to go see him live and actually get to know him as a friend one day.

Following the webinar I had to go meet up with Jake. I had 10 minutes to shower, wash hair, condition, wash face, get dressed, and gather all my things to meet him; and of course I did it. We met up at Wilfred Laurier where all the freshmen were doing activities. He gave me a tour of the entire school while we were talking about which kind of women we prefer. We have literally almost opposite view on women, so this is going to be a great wingman relationship. He  mustered up the courage to ask for a girls number he was gawking for a while, I’m proud of the man. We finished up at subway and he urging me to go follow a girl he thought was attractive and pick up her number for a non-stress practice run since I didn’t find her super attractive. I didn’t end up talking to her but on the way home I ran into a girl who was walking her dog, started chit-chatting and got her number! Also while on the bus I got a prospect’s number for my networking business, which I will have to talk about on a later post.

All in all today was good, filled it myself and made it fun. Let’s see what tomorrow has for us.

This might be the post that hits 500.

Till Next Rant
Alex Bakay

P.S. It is 🙂

P.P.S Don’t want to forget to talk about Guy Fawkes and Whistle next post!


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