The Rant Continues

Hey Everyone!

Today ended up being a great day. I slept in till 11:20 and rushed around to get to work for Noon sharp, which I did. Their was this really cute girl that came into work today but I was dealing with a customer and it was pretty busy; so I realize I need to develop an attitude and an expectation that people know that Alex (as in myself) always interacts with random people. Here’s what I mean; so lets say I’m at the front waiting for a customer and BOOM, I greet them with a huge smile, a hello, and a high five; totally excessive but also acceptable as being very friendly and confident. Another would be me dealing with a customer and interacting with other customers that my coworkers are working while I’m heading to the back to grab something, so with this I can build rapport around the store. It’s a funny concept but I want to be that flirty,friendly, yet a bit feared guy that people trust because I’m super honest. It will come with time.

The rest of the day was great, I met up with my buddy Jake (you’ll be hearing a lot about him). We are essentially working together to build an intellectual society in Kitchener-Waterloo to build future leaders and debate world issues; it is going very funny. I’m not going to go into details but we are putting some things on the back burner to allow others that want this group to come together to catch up to our thinking, if you know what I mean. Basically letting the others hash it out till they understand we need set rules to function together. It’s a funny process.

Jake and I briefly discussed a Youtube channel that we could have a show once a week to interview people from very diverse backgrounds and question their foundations; hopefully we can get that started soon.

We also agree on meet more people and “windmanning” each other when we see girls that we want to talk to we go and talk to them. It’s so simple and easy to talk to women, but having that accountability and to actually proactively talking to women we are interested is going to bring some funny moments to come.

I think I hit 500 words this time around. Awesome.


Till Next Rant

Alex Bakay


P.S. I only hit 400…


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