Work Ethic—Ready, Fire, Aim


          I am doing a series on work ethic because, one, generation Y lacks it the most out of all the generation before us in history, and two, we lack the content to learn more about work ethic.

Our culture and our schooling system are designed for us to study something first before we take action, a ready, aim, and fire kind of learning. We are down on the ready, we know what we want and we dream about doing things, writing bucket list and summer hit list; gen y know how to do that. Aiming is easy as well, we can research like professionals, you know just googling it. Haha but we grow up just researching everything by preparing, preparing, and more preparing, but we start to forget about firing because we prepare so much. We feel we are not ready to fire after all this knowledge we`ve acquire. I did my fair bit of research, talking to successful people in different fields and how I see learning now as a ready, fire, aim. Ready, fire, then aim is the basic progression; it`s how we learned as kids. You think “this is a great idea” then go to hurt yourself, or told you have natural “talent,” we’ll be talking about this later. But we need to learn that action is just as important, if not more now, then being prepared. We will spend about %80 of our time working most days and %20 preparing. We go to school, thinking that taking that test is “firing” in a sense, but it’s still aiming; we haven’t taken it to the field. For example, we study mathematics for 12+ years to go into university without any application. I didn’t build a bike, or a model bridge, or anything relative to the real world in math class school; a few may have, but the majority of classes haven’t seen the application of the math we have learned, just a bunch of theory. We bring preparation to the real world and say we know a lot, but really have no action behind it.

                So my challenge for you is to ready, fire, then aim you’re self in something new. Ready yourself with something you’ve never done, so pick something random (I’ll attach a link to a list of random things at the bottom), do that activity without any research beforehand. Take note on all the things you struggled with or that stopped you from completing that new skill. And then, let’s do some research.  If we only knew this before we apply for program in university! There are bus loads of graduates that waste $40 000 and think “Uh, I don’t want to do that after all.” If we only thought in high school “Hey, I’m thinking of doing this, let me go out and ask someone in that field of what they enjoy and what they don’t like about their job to make a better decision.”

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Have a successful day!


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