To Start Off

So I’ve been intrigued by blogs online and how well someone can reach peoples lives, grow and develop themselves, while getting money; if they are good enough. I have this basic idea of what I should blog about; so about how I’m living my life, how i’ll be stretching my life, and how I’m making an impact on the world. I’ll definitely be talking about God, and if people get offended then don’t read my blog; his grace is much more than enough.

I see myself bringing this renaissance and enlightenment era into a combination while building my build and growing in motivational speaking. It’s weird to describe but as i go along I hope what I’m aiming for will manifest. This is the beta blog, till i get a domain, i’ll be using this; and hopefully I’ll learn how to blog better as I’m telling my story. 

Till next time 😀


2 thoughts on “To Start Off

  1. bclemmonsJr

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Even if you have the greatest plans in the world, they don’t do you any good until you start taking action and moving forward. You’ve made a step forward. Congratulations!

    1. alexbakay29 Post author

      Thank you for that encouragement! Writing has always been a passion, but to funnel it to a source and stretch myself to do so is difficult; wordpress seems to given me that option.
      I hope you enjoy the coming posts 🙂


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