Pushed The Rant

Hey Everyone,

This week, and today specifically, has been emotional tough and mentally draining. There has been some family health challenges that I’ve dealt with and have not had time to blog. I would like to continue to blog, and I am shaping in my mind what I really want for this blog. It may be as simple as business, social skills, and personal growth. It’s not a specific niche yet it is want I am interested in. Investing has been my greatest interest lately since the newly discovered Tai Lopez. I recently learned of this man through the Art of Charm podcast and I am taking his advice- such as, a book a day, and being able to apply it to see results immediately . He has a 67 Steps to success (he defines success as Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness) that points people in the right direction in achieving greatness in their life. 

A much bigger post is coming to a screen near you.

Till Next Rant

Alex Bakay

P.S. Tai Lopez’s website is… 



Rantimus (Part 4)

Hey Everyone,

This is going to be a shorty; and to be quite frank I’m writing this to stay consistent. Today was a good day, I got some great sales. I came home after work to wash up to head out contacting with Danny (my mentor). We first head to Winners to meet some people there to warm up for 5 or so minutes. I ended up talking to a girl I knew from before high school for about 15 minutes. Then moved on the Best Buy where I approached a brown girl- who I found fairly cute- that ran off to her boyfriend once lines were exchanged… figures. We stopped off at Chapters next and I met a cute Asian girl who worked there, caught her number. And before leaving I got a reconnection with an old prospect in there as well. 

All was good, then something that I have had stir in my heart for a while, going out to British Columbia, came up and we started talking about stuff. Things just got real, like ‘what do I really want?’ like such a basic and cheesy question, but it felt so real. Like I’ve been doing Amway for quite some time, love and I’m still growing in it, but it’s not my main pull right now. I have the opportunity to go to Whistler and I want to take a shot at it. It’s burning inside me so bad now that I would consider just going and figuring things out along the way. I feel like there is a piece of me out there that I need to capture. It’s hidden away in the mountains and deep in the forest. I can’t explain it. The more I type and the more I think, the more mysterious and clear it becomes. This is strange for me because everyone expects me to continue on my path I’m on, “you’re going to be very successful Alex” and “Keep working at it and you’ll get to your goals.” Let me make something clear, I am working at it and I am going to be successful, just on My time with God. But here’s the thing, I feel pull to wonder, so stupid but to just wonder. You can wonder in a direction yet it doesn’t mean you’re lost; your just finding your way. I don’t want goals right now, I don’t want expectations right now. I want to lost myself, that’s where I feel I will find myself. Will I waste my time? Only time will tell. You only live once, and I want my life to be a meaningful one, just not yet. I just want to feel Alive.

I know I said this was going to be a shorty but I realize I had more to say than I thought. I’m going to apply to go out west and I’m going to have a plan B, one that makes me certain that I will go out there. It’s just going to be guts and heart to follow through once I plan everything out; that’s the scary part.


Till Next Rant

Alex Bakay

The Third Rant’s the Charm

Hey Everyone!

Essentially today is technically the day where I’ve been on a “roll” for posting. I have been posting for three days now and it is exciting! Let me dive into more of a daily routine for myself. I typically wake up and pick up my Bible first thing in the morning. Yes, I am a christian and I will love to hear you views on religion or against religion. Post a comment on the bottom telling me what you believe to be truth/factual and why you have come to this conclusion! I would love to here what you have to say.

Let me bring this back. I am currently reading 2 Samuel where David is being crowned as King of Israel since the previous king, King Saul, died in battle. After praying I like to read from a practical book; Think and Grow Rich is the book I’m on now. I just finished up the chapter on faith; faith is the substance, when mixed with desire will bring action, thus results. It’s the third time I’m reading it.

I have breakfast afterward then a shower. But today I was studying some attraction stuff, which I’ll talk about in a later post, before going to the gym. Then rushing back home to catch a webinar with Jordan Belfort, thee Wolf on Wall Street. He talked about a wide range of topics to prepare for his seminary coming up this weekend in the UK. Mr. Belfort is an amazing salesman and an incredible presenter, I would love to go see him live and actually get to know him as a friend one day.

Following the webinar I had to go meet up with Jake. I had 10 minutes to shower, wash hair, condition, wash face, get dressed, and gather all my things to meet him; and of course I did it. We met up at Wilfred Laurier where all the freshmen were doing activities. He gave me a tour of the entire school while we were talking about which kind of women we prefer. We have literally almost opposite view on women, so this is going to be a great wingman relationship. He  mustered up the courage to ask for a girls number he was gawking for a while, I’m proud of the man. We finished up at subway and he urging me to go follow a girl he thought was attractive and pick up her number for a non-stress practice run since I didn’t find her super attractive. I didn’t end up talking to her but on the way home I ran into a girl who was walking her dog, started chit-chatting and got her number! Also while on the bus I got a prospect’s number for my networking business, which I will have to talk about on a later post.

All in all today was good, filled it myself and made it fun. Let’s see what tomorrow has for us.

This might be the post that hits 500.

Till Next Rant
Alex Bakay

P.S. It is 🙂

P.P.S Don’t want to forget to talk about Guy Fawkes and Whistle next post!

The Rant Continues

Hey Everyone!

Today ended up being a great day. I slept in till 11:20 and rushed around to get to work for Noon sharp, which I did. Their was this really cute girl that came into work today but I was dealing with a customer and it was pretty busy; so I realize I need to develop an attitude and an expectation that people know that Alex (as in myself) always interacts with random people. Here’s what I mean; so lets say I’m at the front waiting for a customer and BOOM, I greet them with a huge smile, a hello, and a high five; totally excessive but also acceptable as being very friendly and confident. Another would be me dealing with a customer and interacting with other customers that my coworkers are working while I’m heading to the back to grab something, so with this I can build rapport around the store. It’s a funny concept but I want to be that flirty,friendly, yet a bit feared guy that people trust because I’m super honest. It will come with time.

The rest of the day was great, I met up with my buddy Jake (you’ll be hearing a lot about him). We are essentially working together to build an intellectual society in Kitchener-Waterloo to build future leaders and debate world issues; it is going very funny. I’m not going to go into details but we are putting some things on the back burner to allow others that want this group to come together to catch up to our thinking, if you know what I mean. Basically letting the others hash it out till they understand we need set rules to function together. It’s a funny process.

Jake and I briefly discussed a Youtube channel that we could have a show once a week to interview people from very diverse backgrounds and question their foundations; hopefully we can get that started soon.

We also agree on meet more people and “windmanning” each other when we see girls that we want to talk to we go and talk to them. It’s so simple and easy to talk to women, but having that accountability and to actually proactively talking to women we are interested is going to bring some funny moments to come.

I think I hit 500 words this time around. Awesome.


Till Next Rant

Alex Bakay


P.S. I only hit 400…

The First Rant

I’ve had a lot on my mind about blogging, so I’m just going to go at it. And man do I ever want to get over this blogging wall. Tim Ferriss stays to write as if you were with you buddies at a normal setting. I’ve had a blog for near two years now and done nearly nothing with it that I could have. This is the time for change!

Basically whats on my mind is business and meeting girls, well networking in particular. Sleeping around with girls isn’t as appealing to me right now as the thought of being able to have a phone full of numbers that I can call and they just coming running to me. From there I don’t know what I would want to do with the girls, maybe get coffee with them or do something random, still a thought in process. But business takes up the bulk of the time, 80% I would say. Making something of value to help people and make money. I was thinking just a blog that have great content that people liked that I actually generated money and be able to dig into passions I have, I may do that for now.

Well that’s my rant. I’m going to rant once a day or ever other day to get into the habit of writing. I hear writing 500 words a day for a month helps improve skill. Adding it to my Lift!

Till next Rant
Alex Bakay

P.S. I realize this was only 250 words

Work Ethic—Ready, Fire, Aim


          I am doing a series on work ethic because, one, generation Y lacks it the most out of all the generation before us in history, and two, we lack the content to learn more about work ethic.

Our culture and our schooling system are designed for us to study something first before we take action, a ready, aim, and fire kind of learning. We are down on the ready, we know what we want and we dream about doing things, writing bucket list and summer hit list; gen y know how to do that. Aiming is easy as well, we can research like professionals, you know just googling it. Haha but we grow up just researching everything by preparing, preparing, and more preparing, but we start to forget about firing because we prepare so much. We feel we are not ready to fire after all this knowledge we`ve acquire. I did my fair bit of research, talking to successful people in different fields and how I see learning now as a ready, fire, aim. Ready, fire, then aim is the basic progression; it`s how we learned as kids. You think “this is a great idea” then go to hurt yourself, or told you have natural “talent,” we’ll be talking about this later. But we need to learn that action is just as important, if not more now, then being prepared. We will spend about %80 of our time working most days and %20 preparing. We go to school, thinking that taking that test is “firing” in a sense, but it’s still aiming; we haven’t taken it to the field. For example, we study mathematics for 12+ years to go into university without any application. I didn’t build a bike, or a model bridge, or anything relative to the real world in math class school; a few may have, but the majority of classes haven’t seen the application of the math we have learned, just a bunch of theory. We bring preparation to the real world and say we know a lot, but really have no action behind it.

                So my challenge for you is to ready, fire, then aim you’re self in something new. Ready yourself with something you’ve never done, so pick something random (I’ll attach a link to a list of random things at the bottom), do that activity without any research beforehand. Take note on all the things you struggled with or that stopped you from completing that new skill. And then, let’s do some research.  If we only knew this before we apply for program in university! There are bus loads of graduates that waste $40 000 and think “Uh, I don’t want to do that after all.” If we only thought in high school “Hey, I’m thinking of doing this, let me go out and ask someone in that field of what they enjoy and what they don’t like about their job to make a better decision.”

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Have a successful day!